This is RC Davis flagship model. None other like it and made in San Francisco, Ca. All tube, true point to point wiring.

50 Watt 4x8 Combo

  • Two distinct input scenarios depending on style.

    First input (Lo) is a normal gain stage presenting a high impedence so your guitars tone and volume controls act properly.

    The second input (Hi) Is a high gain stage cascading two gain stages. If      you like that overdrive sound this is the channel.

    The tone controls consist of Lo, Mid and Hi with a particularly dynamic Mid that can tailor all guitar tones while staying a passive circuit. Chicken head knobs for easy visibility.

    Master volume.

    RC Davis Reverb circuit is surpassed by none. A classic tube driven spring reverb and no transformer means a richer tone and less bounce. Possibly the wettest reverb circuit on the market.

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