Handmade in San Francisco, USA


RC Davis Amplification has been making amps in San Francisco for over 10 years. We pride ourselves on being different. We don't make clones of other amplifiers, we believe in having a sound all our own. Our innovations go beyond amplification to include forward-thinking design in speaker enclosures, in pedals, in everything we do. And- we obtain our materials from sources here in the USA whenever possible. Moreover, we design our products for a lifetime of use - no proprietary materials are used and our amps can be serviced by any competent tech.

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Just one look and you can tell an RC Davis Amp from the crowd. We respect retro... but we don't copy it. This is not your grampa's amp. From our road-tough Linex coating over a quality box-jointed clear pine cabinet to our custom wound Heyboer transformers, we do things our way. Every amp features true point-to-point wiring using silver wire, non-inductive polypropylene capacitors and 1% resistors. 

Speaker Enclosures 


RC Davis speaker enclosures come in a huge variety of configurations. High quality components include box-jointed clear pine boxes, stainless steel fasteners, our innovative beveled speaker baffles to eliminate cone filtering, unique speaker combinations and tough Linex coating to withstand heavy use. 

T-shirts and more

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Pedals &

Accessories (coming soon)


Coming soon is our Swell Dwell reverb pedal, allowing you to adjust your reverb from stage front like a volume pedal, and our all-tube overdrive. 

Featuring artwork from locally reknowned artists such as Iggy Vans of Lampblack Tattoo, our T-shirts stand out in the crowd.