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The Rite Spot

The Rite Spot


Big sound in small package, the all-new Rite Spot is designed to shine on stage with the RCDavis custom tone stack, plenty of punch, tons of reverb and classic 60's tremolo.


Ultra lightweight, only 19 lb

Hand-wired, true point-to-point

All tube

Custom 12” RCDavis speaker built by Jensen


    20W Class AB


    12" Custom RCDavis Jensen speaker


    Tube Tremolo

    Tube Spring Reverb - Capacitor Coupled


    Handwired, true point-to-point

    Hammond Transformers

    Vishay Capacitors

    PRP & Dale Resistors

    6L6 Power Tubes

    12AX7 Preamp Tube

    12AX7 Tremolo and Reverb Pickup

    ECC99 Reverb Driver

    12AT7 Inverter

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